Leadership by Design

Coaching For Individuals

Our modern culture honors and is ruled by left-brain, rational thinking to the point of numbing us out and cutting us off from a vast and creative intelligence that is inherently ours. Thinking is at once seductive and destructive and eventually we lose contact with the nature of who we are.

We have two brains and its very important to have them interacting and working together. Coaching With the Whole Brain In Mind is the perfect way to break “out of the box”. So why is it so hard to do it on your own? Because your thoughts are the box.

95% of the brain is habituated programs that come from your experience which are often hidden from us because we don’t often think about our programs. The other 5% is the part you that you can design the way want, however life gets busy and the mind wanders to the “to do” lists. Coaching is like a wide angle lens that shines the light on your internal patterns and allows you to better leverage change by noticing where you get stuck, your emotions and your auto-response. By creating a shift in your point of view, you are able to build the new neural pathways in support of the life you want. Evidence from cutting-edge neuroscience shows that you can change your brain and change your life.

How Does Coaching Work? Hebb’s Law says: neurons that fire together, wire together. These pathways took time to build and it will take time as well as vision and persistence to begin sculpting new patterns.

As your coach, I help you get clear on the vision you have for your life and then support you in creating lasting positive change in your brain. I will act as a trusted and dedicated support to help you create a new awareness of your talents, values, gifts and how to put them into action. You can take charge of your health, happiness and personal growth starting right now.

I work with individual clients around the globe who are interested in a deep desire to uncover more of the reality that is available to them.

Coaching is mindfulness in action and changes the lens through which we normally see and holds the possibility for amazing things.

Leadership by Design

For Companies

 “Employees who do not work in strengths areas are only 9% engaged in their jobs vs. 74% engagement levels for people who do work in their strengths. Further, engagement has been proven to substantially increase productivity for the company.” ~ Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie

Business is no longer prescriptive and the pace of change has moved outside the realm of what the human mind can handle. The impact is dramatically changing how we do business and who we look to as our leaders.

The Nature of Your Leadership: An Introduction to Your Strengths 

“We convince by our presence” ~ Walt Whitman.

The most effective leaders invest in their strengths. They do this by talking about them, noticing them in action and choosing to show up.  Knowing our strengths allows us to appreciate the unique parts of ourselves and welcome the diversity in others.

This 3-month program is a designed to bring to light your unique talents and gifts and have you design strategies to effectively use them to execute, influence, problem solve and build relationships.

We will meet weekly where I will support you in strengthening your unique brand of leadership:

  • Gain an individual understanding of your Strengths through an in-depth review of the key themes from your Top 5 report.
  • Strengths in action: You will begin building the muscle of mindfulness and will receive guidance on how to spend time each day being aware of how your Strengths show up in moments of “business as usual” as well as unexpected events or calamity.
  • How can you begin to notice and use the Strengths of those around you? Discover the impact of tapping into your talent and the talent of others – at work and home.
  • Receive powerful Strengths coaching inside these weekly sessions.

The Leader’s Stake: Blending Neuroscience & Strengths-based Leadership

In this program, we examine the instinctual and natural patterns of your brain and personality that can be positively applied through the lens of your leadership. You can choose to enroll in six-month or nine-month programs.

  • What are your Strengths? Understanding who you are as a leader.
  • Connect the dots between your strengths, your brain’s wiring  and the latest cutting-edge neuroscience.
  • Visioning your leadership: What is the vision of how you will lead and what will you do? What’s your stake in the game?
  • Using Strengths  & building personal power through 3 areas:
    • The Power of Presence
    • The Power of Communication
    • Power of Position (What is it you stand for?)
  • Receive powerful Strengths coaching inside these weekly sessions.

Experiential Workshops

Inspired programs and workshops designed to support your personal, work and community life.

Stay tuned!

We provide individuals and teams with a western exploration and experience that intentionally creates reflection and last leadership applications. It is our vision that people of all ages and industry can utilize the land, wildlife, and activities to define and align their own navigational compass which is the bedrock of how we architect our social and career wellbeing.

Seeing is not difficult. What is difficult is breaking the retaining wall in our minds which holds our perception in place.
~Carlo Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming